Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to build a multi-guitar guitar stand

My finished product
Once you get past the one guitar stage storage is likely to become a problem. A guitar stand that can hold more than one guitar is the perfect solution, but, if you're like me, you don't want to spend $80 on one. So here's how to build one that will leave a much smaller hole in your wallet.

Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.

Step 1 - Cut your boards

    Figure 1 shows the plan and the boards you’ll need. For the two sides, 26 inches seemed like a good height. You could make it higher, but I wouldn’t go much lower than that. The two sidepieces of the base I cut to 7 ½ inches because that seemed like a good width to rest both acoustic and electric guitars on. The width of the pieces marked with asterisks is up to you; just cut all of them to the same width. You need to decide how many guitars are going to be on this stand and determine the width accordingly (a bit more on how to determine the width in step 2).

Step 2 - Cut out the slots

On the top board you need to cut out slots for the guitars’ necks. Instead of a basic cut, I went for a more secure, and fancier design.
A good rule of thumb for when you’re cutting out the neck spaces and figuring out how long to make your boards is this: “Allow at least 3 inches between the ends of the board and your cut, and at least 3 inches between each cut.”

Step 3 - Put it all together 

This is pretty straightforward. I just nailed all my boards together, but you could use screws for some added sturdiness if you wanted.

Step 4 - Add felt (optional but recommended)

To protect my guitars from getting scratched up, I sanded down the edges of the neck slots and the base where the guitars would sit and glued on strips of felt. Not only does this practical value but it adds aesthetic value too. If you’re going to stain or paint your stand make sure you do it before you add the felt.

Step 5 - Put it to use

Load it up with guitars and enjoy!

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